Stage Rental LED Screen
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2017-05-18 09:27:23

심천 lcf 기술 협력., LTD.was established in November 2004, as a professional LED display R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprises, registered capital of 60 million RMB. In 2015, it changed to a joint venture enterprise, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, adjacent to Bao’an International Airport. Gradually, it has won the the honor as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Software Enterprise", "" national quality inspection of qualified products "," China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association "," Shenzhen Software Association. " For 11 years, LCF uphold the "joint, integrity and development" business philosophy, to provide customers around the world intentions, rest assured,

즉석 견적을 얻다.

즉석 견적을 얻다.

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